It was all a dream. My stay at The Dream Downtown, New York

Posted up between two of my favorite hoods, Meatpacking District and Chelsea, the Dream hotel was where I HAD to hole up for an extended weekend in NYC.  Partying at the Dream in the past was always a good time, leaving an impression that forced the hotel on my list of must-stays.  With a last minute ticket to fly east I was ready to make my dreams come true.

A parade of mini skirts, Louboutins, bikini clad pool goers along with occasional celebrity sightings make the lobby a people watching haven. The lobby also hosts a ceiling that looks up to the bottom of the pool located on the second floor. A giant American flag comprised of Tecate and Modelo beer cans line an entire wall, adding to the eclectic decor. Tufted leather couches and cowhide covered ottomans invite you to grab a drink at the bar and hang for awhile.

Non-stop days in the city left me craving naps more than usual. The plush beds at the Dream almost seemed to wrap me up and cradle me to sleep. Circular port style windows looked out onto the city that never sleeps.

With temps in the 90's and humidity starting to rise, a pool was an essential amenity, the Dream delivers. If you are able to grab a spot by the pool or actually get a reservation it's  the perfect backdrop for taking a dip, ordering some drinks, people watching and lounging the day away.

Sums up my stay, it truly was a dream and can't wait to extend more weekends here. 

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