Love Affair with France Continues, Summer In Southern France, Biarritz.

Last summer was spent lounging and French frying along the coast line of Southern France, journey to that adventure here. I fell in love then and have been lusting after another trip ever since. My crush on France is growing as I get to explore more of this country that's c'est magnifique! 

Biarritz, a chic town that hugs the Bay of Biscay came up in conversation... A surf capital in Basque Country, sounds right up my alley! Booking a ticket two days before departure left no time to research this random place I agreed to go to. With my previous experiences in France I figured my mind would get blown once again, and I was right!  

Biarritz is full of colorful neighborhoods with dreamy houses, some dating back to the 1800's. Getting lost in the residential streets is a feast for any eye that adores architecture. Bakeries stand on every corner. It's a must to give them all a chance, but impossible to decide on which makes the best croissant.  Boutiques, restaurants and ice cream shops line the pedestrian only main strips that lead to the emerald blue coast.  

Biarritz offers plenty of beach to go around. Each beach with their own unique flavor, some full of surfers, others families and sunbathers. 

The colorful and iconic umbrellas stand on the Grand Plage.

Walking the coast gives way to cliffs overlooking rock formations that jut out from the piercing blue ocean. I was fascinated at watching the rock formations between high and low tide. Low tide brought on more expansive stretches of beach, shallow water and let us see more of the rocks that lay beneath. High tide brought on waves that crashed against the beach walls some high enough to spray the unlucky ones walking by. 

Walking around the marina provides great views and an amazing lunch of freshly caught seafood. 

Biarritz turned out to be a mix of a young surf culture but with an elegant twist. This ended up being the perfect place to relax, unwind and escape. I'm officially in love with France and head over heels in love with the south.

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