Taking the wrong train & getting lost in France

Leaving Paris by train I couldn't wait to hit the coast, catch some waves and sun rays. Cruising the rails I was never told to make a transfer. Booking the ticket I was under the assumption it was a direct route to the surfy town of Biarritz. Looking at the map I began realizing the stops we were making were in the opposite direction of where I should be heading. Frantically asking for help on a train full of non-English speakers one young lady told me in broken English that I was on the wrong train, and to get off at the next stop and head back. 

Exiting at the next stop I had no clue where I was and hoped I could just jump the next train back. Thank goodness the station manager spoke English. He informed me that there were no more trains for the night and that I would have to wait until morning.  He helped me book a hotel room for the night, gave me directions and bid me adieu. My mind raced and I began to think the worst. I pictured images of a desolate town and an even worse "hotel" room, silly me..... I began climbing the short hill towards the town center and at that point I realized I was in a slice of French heaven, a little town called Pau (Po).

The sun was setting so I checked into the hotel and headed out to explore the town and make the most of my mistake. I kept noticing references of King Henry IV and later found out this was where he was born. I roamed the cobbled stone streets admiring this place that retained it's old town charm and contained an amazing history.

I woke the next morning and decided to delay my stay a bit, opting to take a later train out curious to see what this chic village had to offer. I sauntered around the castle where King Henry IV was born and a place Napoleon used as his vacation home. I was told that the entire town was built up around the castle.

I was excited that I mistakenly ended up in this town.  I'm a true believer in fate and know this blip in the matrix was meant to be.

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