A trip to the market, Barranquilla, Colombia


Venturing across borders out of tourist-y zones and re-routing to a more local style journey finds for an authentically more interesting trip.

The fourth largest city in Colombia, Barranquilla, is where I landed. An industrial port town sprawled along the Caribbean coast, population over a mil. Not a typical destination at the top of go-to lists but this appealed to my pathos even more. Leaving the airport I gawked from the backseat taking in the vibrant scenes and high temps. We passed a bustling market that mesmerized its way to the top of my to-shoot list. By the grace of missing a flight and the photo gods it happened on my last day, all praise. 



It was a record stopping moment walking into this market. Sensory overload set in immediately. Curious eyes eventually led to genuine smiles asking to be snapped. Trucks filled to the brim with pineapples or bananas lined narrow alleyways. Bronzed buff men unloaded produce to awaiting carts pulled by donkeys with sad demeanor's. Dogs either roamed hunting for food or laid passed out, it seemed wherever they dropped. Rickshaws reminiscent of India maneuvered through the dusty roads and crowds. Beautiful architecture now crumbling played as the backdrop, an eerily gorgeous scene. This trip to the market was a true taste of this city’s heartbeat lying just beneath the surface.


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