Shooting Street Style Fashion District LA

The Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles... when trying to explain this place to people my comparison is always to the pretty intense shopping districts in Bangkok. Narrow alleys, strategic zig zagging through hoardes of people, battling sound systems all losing out to the guy with a microphone letting us know that Jesus loves us. All of this amazingness was topped off with the sun beating down, a reminder that my jacket should've been left behind.

From designer "inspired" heels to six piece suits for a three month old, anything can be found here.  LUCKY YOU if club gear is what your in the market for, most stalls carried 6 inch heels and miniskirts that left me knowing later that night I would see these same heels in the hands of the drunk barefoot girls that underestimated the perils of alcohol and high heel walking..... uhhhh ok anyway, the people were just as eclectic as the little world that's encapsulated into these alleyways.

P.S. I fell in love with this place and left my heart there in a knock off Gucci bag.  

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