Levi's x Lookbook global style party

First things first, credit must be given where credit's due! So muah, muah, muah three kisses to the face, a La the French way, to Levi's, Lookbook and NWBLK for throwing a smashing party. It was so good I don't know where to begin so i'll just take it from the top.

Upon entry to the magnificent warehouse space that is NWBLK, we were greeted with packages containing illustrations of Levi's patterns accompanied by HYPE t-shirts from Lookbook, ok now homegirls hyped!  Walls were lined with wooden palettes that held life size images of an eclectic group of models showing us that anyone could pull off Levi's, literally and figuratively. Chill out lounge areas were setup with modern furniture I swear was stolen from my thoughts of what I want my living room to look like.

This event was planned with the intention to get people interacting. DIY areas were setup so you could customize the aforementioned HYPE shirt or if you happened to be the lucky winner of a pair of Levi's you could customize those however you saw fit. The invites encouraged you to bring in your 501's and have them customized. Let's assume you're not the most creative of types, no worries they had a crew of some talented folks,sewing machines and fabrics ready to whip out a customization for you. The most entertaining activity was the photoshoot area setup by The Bosco, where anyone ready to show off some modeling skills had their photos projected on the walls. The models of the moment left the photo-shoot with polaroids, hyped again. Free flowing drinks and food for days, and after a few glasses of wine the DIY customizing tables became even more fun.

P.S. I do need to shout out and apologize to my friend for bedazzling his 501's something silly!

The Bosco Photbooth

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