Camera Shy

 I have finally diagnosed myself with camera shyness and am attempting,fingers crossed, to cure it.  For the longest time I was in denial, but looking back at photo after photo of my hands over my face in protest I realized something had to be done. I once had a very wise professor, the type whose words & wisdom still dominate my mind. This wise man was aware of my "problem," and suggested that I take photographs of myself. Not a bad idea, but it stayed just that for quite awhile, an idea.

Teeth clenched, breath held, eyes darting....that sums up having my picture taken. I used to live in the mountains of Colorado and have been face to face with many a deer in my headlights, trust me we have striking similarities! I fantasized about makeup artists, insanely high heels, fabulous locations that's how I thought it would go down, and in the future it shall. But for now i'll just keep it simple, natural, and to the point.

P.S. I didn't quite have the nerve to step fully out from behind the camera.

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