Sky Villa is a double-story apartment in a residential complex in the high-end segment in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, with the civil work including the ceiling - wall - floor - kitchen, exterior with garden, pool.

The investor wants the house to be both a private place, a home, and a place to meet friends and employees and share it with his/her loved ones - an ideal living space with a unique style and class.

Sky Villa integrates the living room, dining room, kitchen, garden, swimming pool, bedroom, which creates a feeling of being cramped. When approaching, the designer decided to rearrange the space, removing redundant details such as windows, balconies, corridors. The kitchen space, living room, bedroom are rearranged based on actual usage requirements to optimize the existing status quo, minimizing any impact on the project.

In the space of privacy, the main bedroom is primarily focused. The new design moves the toilet to another area, combined into the main bedroom from the original two-bedroom structure with an integrated toilet, bath, and shower. In addition, the atrium corridor is utilized, added into the bedroom, maximizing the usable area, minimizing redundant details. 

The layout of the bedroom is reasonably proportioned with the functions in order, the entrance door, the bathroom, the dressing room, the bedroom with the bathtub all meet the utility of use, expressing the lifestyle of enjoyment, that layout also brings the effect of maximum width to the space.

In the layout of the living room, kitchen, dining room. Now with open space, as it was initially, it was also removed. Based on the owner's regular use of the kitchen, the kitchen is separated and cleverly hidden behind delicate decorative items such as a large mirror, a secret door, which neutralizes the phenomenon of odors when cooking. The living room and dining room are arranged seamlessly and easily converted to a working office. The designer also focuses on indigenous elements. 

The advantage of Sky Villa is that there is a swimming pool available, but it does not bring about the tropical atmosphere and the overall landscape beauty of the building. So instead, the designer uses trees, creates a miniature tropical garden that takes advantage of the canopy of flowers and leaves to shield created privacy, shaped naturally around the swimming pool.

The designer used all of the elements to inline with the trend of a green lifestyle - environmentally friendly and nature-friendly lifestyle in modern townhouses.

The combinations in interior decoration, with high-class product lines from furnishing and harmonious color schemes between ceilings, walls, and floors through wood, flooring shaped and balanced. They created a classic-modern lifestyle in which the utility of space and the function of each interior decoration detail achieve optimal results in terms of use.

With interior design that meets individual needs, Sky Villa owns the spirit, space, style, and class no different from the top-notch apartment in Manhattan, New York. The architectural decoration style, reasonable space layout, and maximum usability of Sky Villa are typical examples of the trend of the times, in which elements of enjoyment, aesthetics, superior class... The designer focuses on contemporary housing projects in both Asia and Europe.


Thái Công is a Vietnamese-German Interior Designer. Although he moved to Germany at 10, Thái Công was raised in the traditional Vietnamese style. Growing up, studying, and working in Germany, Thái Công had the opportunity to interact with and develop a deep understanding of Western culture, style, and aesthetic views. During his 32 years in Germany, he graduated with a degree in fashion, working for many years as a creative director and fashion photographer. With an instinct for art and installation mindset, Thái Công has been honored with many nobel awards in the field of art, such as the Infinity Awards voted by the ICP (New York), the Golden Lion in Cannes – France for Ideas and Graphic Design My Parents Book, and Bronze Medal for Design category for My Parents Book by ADC Council in Germany. – For more information about Thái Công and his current projects please check out his website here and follow on IG.

Hotel Figueroa Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Hotel Figueroa Los Angeles Travel

 I have a love-hate relationship with Los Angeles. I love this city, love the weather, the people, the food but hate when I have to leave. Another thing I love about LA is the abundance of stylish hotel options. With a last-minute trip to LA and a need to be downtown, the Hotel Figueroa pranced through my mind. I stayed here previously when it was still under its Moroccan-themed demeanor.  The hotel has since undergone a renovation, and I was curious to see if I liked this latest LA facelift. 

Tropical Vibes, Puerto Escondido, Mexico


There are some places based on photos alone that beckon your name. When researching Puerto Escondido in the state of Oaxaca, the images that popped up had my name written all over them. A beach town with an infamous surf reputation drawing a bohemian crowd, I was intrigued. 

Escondido Hotel Oaxaca, Mexico


Escondido Hotel Oaxaca

When traveling, finding the perfect place to stay, I believe, is essential to the trip. There's a comfort of returning from a day's adventure to a place that encourages unwinding, relaxing, and being pampered, enter Escondido Oaxaca.

Exploring Oaxaca's capital, Oaxaca City, Mexico

Oaxaca City Travel

You know that feeling of excitement when landing somewhere new? This elation bubbled over as our plane descended into Oaxaca City. One of 31 states in Mexico, Oaxaca spans from the mountains to the sea. The capital, Oaxaca City, sits at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

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